Sunday, December 2, 2012

BITU Two-Year Anniversary

This month is Biking in the Upstate's (BITU) two-year anniversary. Two years ago I began charting the course for this blog, reporting on some of the biking-related news in the South Carolina Upstate and asked you to join me in exploring all things "bike." And thank YOU for your support, comments and help in making the area a better place to ride a bike.

It's been pretty darn cool to see development and implementation of local bike plans, the increased number of people take to two wheels and the rise in general support for biking. The advocates of and public officials in the cities of Anderson, Easley, Pickens, Liberty, Clemson, Spartanburg, Greenville and Rock Hill are working on bringing the benefits of bike lanes, shared roads and paths to their communities. There have been important meetings to attend, improved bikeways and more, improved places to ride a bike. There's also been a ground-swell of support over the last few years.

You've been an important part of this journey - participating in meetings, contacting friends, commenting on various blog posts and, maybe most importantly, riding your bike. Maybe you have recently gotten back on bike for the first time in years, maybe you've been riding for a while. All riders - recreational, family, long-haul, racers, spandex, weekend-warriors, tweed-riders, whoever - are critical in making biking in the upstate better.Where one rides, two are better. There is safety (and fun!) in numbers.

I hope this blog has also inspired you in some way to do something a little bit more:  maybe a post provided an alternative perspective to ponder, maybe you actually made time to attend a meeting, maybe you invited a friend to go for a bike ride. For me, I've enjoyed having a place to talk about important issues, highlight interesting stories and develop a storyline about biking in this part of the state. I think it's an important piece of building a stronger bike community locally, regionally and nationally.


  1. You blog ties all of the news and reminders together. Thank you for your efforts here and in our community. What a beautiful December day to get out and ride. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment and support!