Tuesday, March 13, 2012

City of Clemson Bike Survey

As I posted a little while back, the City of Clemson has posted their bikeways survey online. They'll have it open, through early April 2012. The survey takes about 7 minutes to complete, and has a lot of good questions about what YOU think needs improvement - as a cyclists and as a driver. That means your auto-driving friends should take it! Encourage them - it's not just about the "bikies." Results from the survey will be used to help with bike plan (trails, bike lanes, etc.) implementation in the coming years. This is the opportunity for the public to comment on the issues, needs, concerns and opportunities for biking in Clemson. Take the time to complete the survey.

Bike plan developments and updates have also been presented to the Planning Commission, creating institutional by-in and developing relationships with the decision makers.

Take the survey, consider attending any future meetings and get involved!  (Whether you're in Clemson or in your community.)

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