Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New News

There's been a bit of biking news in a few communities in the Upstate recently. Read on.

Pendleton. Local cyclists have approached the Pendleton Town Council about hosting a cycling race that would happen this March. The event would be by the American Cancer Society, sanctioned by USA Cycling and is speculated to bring hundreds of cycling to the small town. The area is already popular with local cyclists, and it event could be a big boost to the town, despite the closed roads and traffic re-routing. The Clemson University Cycling Club is leading the efforts, and the Town Council has yet to vote on the event. This could also eventually lead to better marked and signed bike lanes and shared roadways in the community. Contact the Town Council to voice your support!

Spartanburg B-cycle Station
Spartanburg. As you might recall, I blogged about Spartanburg's B-Cycle bike-share program. It is the first bike share program in the state. So far the small program is doing well. Program partner, Partners for Active Living, helped crunch some numbers to help tell the tale of bike sharing.. From the start of the program in early 2011 through July 2011, the 437 B-Cycle program members have taken 1,224 total bike rides and have ridden 8,784 miles. That's like riding from Spartanburg to New Zealand! What a great way to get people moving, outta their cars and using a public investment.

City of Clemson. The City is putting together a survey to provide feedback that will help support and provide information for their bike plan. (The survey will be specifically about bicycle facilities. Stay tune to water bills, the city website and other news sources for release dates.) The survey asks respondents to comment on biking conditions on local roads, safety concerns and attitudes of sharing roadways. Please take the time to complete the survey.

If there's other things going on, please feel free to post about them here. Let the good news role.

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