Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dream or Reality?

A regional bikeway? One that folks could hope on at any point, ride for 40, 50 or even 100 miles. For recreation. To aid them in a leisurely Upstate, Local Community Tour. Or how about just an alternative way to get around the Upstate - one that weaves in and out of small towns, neighborhoods, parks and natural areas. A bikeway system that would link to larger parks or central, communal locations. Wouldn't it be cool if bikeways from Spartanburg through Anderson - connecting Greenville, Easley, Pickens, Central, Clemson - with legs jogging off to Seneca and Walhalla, or reaching down to Greenwood or Columbia - were connected?

 Cool idea? Not really too far off - to some stretch of the imagination. With communities across the region involved with bike planning, talking to each other might help connect the dots (communities), linking them together. I think it'd be cool to have a bikeway stretching across the region. We wouldn't need the system to be fancy or too specific. Some parts might do well to have shared lane markings, while others would be better off having a bike lane. And maybe in a few downtown bikeways would turn into cycle tracks.

Acting locally, but thinking regionally.  It may also do wonders to establish a real sense of community and at the same time providing South Carolinians (and any visiting tourist) another way to get outside and play, reduce stress and the waistline, and spend time with others. With a national bike expert's visit to South Carolina occuring earlier this month, folks around the state have had the opportunity to come together, chit chat, learn and talk about the realities of bikes as a real mean of transportation and recreation.

If you know of any groups involved in developing a regional bike plan, organization or network, please leave a comment below!

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