Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bike News

A quick update on some biking stories in the news lately.

In Easley, pieces of the Bike Master Plan continues to be implemented. A section of SC 135 just north of downtown will be reduced from 4 lanes to 3 lanes. Bike lanes will be placed on either side and the sidewalk along the stretch will also get an update. Feel free to follow the plan's implementation by checking into this website periodically. (Do a Google search for “SC 135 Easley Bike Lanes Greenville Online” to see the full article if you are not a Greenville News subscriber.)

In Greenville, Salters Road, between Verdae and ICAR, will be resurfaced and widened soon by the SCDOT. The project is expected to take at least a year, but when it's completed, it will enhance bike connectivity to Clemson University's ICAR (CU-ICAR). That's especially cool because the focus of the area is automobile research. Props to the University and Greenville for supporting access to the site beyond just the car.

In Clemson, the idea about updating the City's Bike Plan was brought forward to the Planning Commission. Updating the Bike Plan falls in line with recommendations from the City Comprehensive Plan. The City and Clemson University are working together to improve bikeways in the area. They are separate projects, but the two entities are working together, building on existing partnerships. A biking survey should be available in March for city residents and those that commute to and through Clemson on the City website.

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