Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Commute by Bike series

In anticipation of the warmer weather (and maybe to encourage its arrival), I'm going to be writing a series on how to commute by bike. May is also national Bike to Work month and just around the corner. Thought about trying, but just not sure where to start? Wondered how those who bike to work look fabulous (or, okay, not windblown and sweaty but normal just like everyone else)? I'll be addressing questions like:  to shower or not to shower; how to dress for success (on and off the bike); what kind of bike is best for commuting; how to determine an good bike route to work, etc.

You brought what with you on a bike?!?

This series will be good for commuters of all levels - beginner through experienced. We'll talk about what to wear, how to pack, regular and periodic bike maintenance, bike parking and riding etiquette.
Comments about what you'd like to hear, what you do and your questions are always welcomed. Look for upcoming posts soon.


  1. I'm looking forward to this series! One thing I've always wondered about etiquette: When there is a one-lane road (such as downtown Clemson) and vehicle traffic is backed up, may a cyclist (legally) skirt around traffic and ride up to the traffic light? If so, do they pass on the right or left of the vehicles?

  2. Heather, thanks for your comment and questions. I'll be make sure to clarify these kinds of things in the up coming series.

  3. The usual term for "skirt(ing) around traffic" is "lane splitting" according to an article in the current issue, #22, of "Bicycle Times" magazine and the legality is inconsistent from state-to-state. Most states provide some exceptions to lane usage which might permit it under some circumstances. South Carolina has no exception, which suggests that it is not legal, though it might be tolerated locally.

    For anyone engaged in or contemplating bicycle commuting, "Bicycle Times" is a must read" as its focus includes common folk and not just the boy-and-girl-racer crowd. I have commuted and lived a bicycle lifestyle for several years and find their perspective to be useful. Anyone wanting to look at my several years worth of commuting experience in anticipation or trepidation of taking the plunge (ride?) can read about it/them on my blog

    1. Thanks for sharing these resources - and another blog on biking.

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  5. I have started to ride my bike again as it's spring time and I am delighted!