Friday, January 28, 2011

PELCOR initiative moves forward!

The Cities of Pickens, Easley and Liberty have just gotten that much closer to making biking in and between the communities a reality. This week the Greenville News reported that the city of Pickens awarded a $7,000 grant to Ride Garden, a local Greenville-based company, to create a master plan that will look at off-road bike and other recreation opportunities. (Hint: Search for the article on Google, and then hit the "cache" option. This allows you to go around the subscription requirement of Greenville News.) This step is just one part of the PELCOR (Pickens, Easley and Liberty Corridor) initiative. The initiative between the three community involves efforts to develop a network of bike trails, lanes and paths that people can use to get from place to place or as ride destinations. There is also a strong interest in developing a bicycle education program for beginners and families. 

Leaders in the communities recognize that the biking and multi-modal opportunities are growing in Greenville, and across the region. The cities involved with PELCOR are eager to establish their own network and link to the growing opportunities in Greenville. This effort is recognized by municipal officials as an investment in economic development and physical fitness livelihood of residents in the communities.

Add Pickens, Easley and Liberty to the list of communities in the Upstate that are making the dream of safe, connected mulit-modal infrastructure a reality.

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