Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Ride of 2011

On Sunday, when the weather returned to "normal," I headed out on my bike to stretch my legs after being cooped up all week due to the snow and ice. It was great! This is probably the first time I have ever ridden my bike in January. Since I come from the land of cold and snow, being able to enjoy a warmer weather activity this time of year was fun.

I did a mild size ride - exploring "Old Central Road" and a few side roads, too. Not bad for the first time out in a while. There is this killer(!) hill on War Branch Road, a side road off of Old Central road - that's the extra jog marked out on the map below. It was hilly! (An invited challenge.) I also saw a group of riders enjoying the lovely weather on 93.

I ride a 2007 bianchi volpe that I bought as a graduation present to myself upon completing graduate school. I call her Betty Lou because she has leopard print piping on the bike seat. A flash of her (and my) wild side. I just love her! This is the ride I commuted with when I was working for the Department of Transportation in Madison. I have hopes of someday doing a longer, multi-day trek. She's made out of steel. So the frame isn't as light, but it absorbs more of the bumps on the road and is easier on the body to ride for a longer time. And, if I ever flip, the frame won't get bent out of shape as easily.

Get out and ride whenever you can!

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