Saturday, January 19, 2013

Attemp #1

My husband:  "You should really go. I know it's one of your goals for 2013."

Me:  "I know, but I'm a little nervous. I don't have all the gear (and I know that I talk about that not mattering). And I'm not really in shape. And I've never done one before."

My husband:  "You should do it. I'm take care of things around here if that means you'll get to ride. I support you doing it."

Me (with nerves, interpretation and great reluctance):  "...Alright, I will."

This was the conversation we had on Saturday morning about my going on my first group ride. So, I pumped up my tires, slipped my riding shorts and shirt on and headed out. Only to find I was about 5 minutes late. So, there was no group ride. I was a little relieved - and disappointed. Trying something new takes courage and humility.

Getting into a grove of a regular group ride is something that's on my list of things I'd like to do this year. Never having done one, and not being in shape for long rides, I'm a little nervous. But challenging yourself and expanding horizons is good for the soul. So, despite missing out on the group ride, I still decided to go and do a little solo riding. And a hour and a half and 20 miles of rolling roads later, I decided it was for the best. I felt refreshed, satisfied and a little sore, the good kind of sore.

During the ride my mind wandered to the idea that advocates should make sure they get out to ride a bike every so often, and that the hard-core cyclists should make sure they take time to be a part of the advocacy scene. It's about the idea that the love of biking - for whatever reason - should bring us closer together.

My daily commute is the way I typically use my two wheels, but I'd like to shake things up a bit this year. How will you get into a new groove in 2013?


  1. You've got my support, too! My first group ride was with a friend in college in the farmlands outside of LA. I was one of two women (the other was the daughter of a male rider). I learned how to draft on that ride--otherwise I would have been dropped.

    Later I did some more social group rides on Saturdays that I found through the MeetUp groups, showing up not knowing anyone. I shared the same nerves, reluctance, relief, disappointment many times. Now Saturday group rides are a staple in my weekly activities. I still second-guess my readiness, but I look forward to them all week.

    I'm reminded that us hard-core cyclists should support our local advocates every so often, too. Ride safe!

  2. I appreciate your support. I feel like I'm going to fail a number of times before I get this right. Like learning and trying new things, it's getting the gumption to be ready to fall...but eventually being able to fly.

  3. I'd like to find a group whose focus would be to build up a rider's fitness enough so that s/he might join more advanced groups. I have some of those same hesitations.

  4. Much agreed! Thanks for your comment.