Monday, January 10, 2011

Why Blog?

Winter may be an odd time to start a biking blog, but I think it's like the saying "better late than never." When we moved, I started to think about the idea of creating a blog about biking. As the months went by, the idea continued to nag me, so I jumped on it. I didn't start right away because I had given the idea some time to see if it felt like a fading fad.

The idea never left me, so I decided to act upon it.

Not being the first blogger, nor the first biking blogger in South Carolina or the Upstate (Check out these: Greenville Biking blog  older, but still may be updated and Palmetto Cycling Coalition blog. I'm sure there are others.), I still felt like I wanted to build my skills and knowledge of biking in the South or, at least, in South Carolina.

Having been a bicycle commuter for the four years I in lived in Madison, Wisconsin, I became familiar with the bicycle community, sites and infrastructure. Since moving, I decided it was time to take a dive into new waters (for me) and find out more about bicycling here. And, I figure, the best way to start learning about bicycling in a new area is by diving in.

Come spring, when the weather is better (we had about 9 inches of snow in Central today - one of the snowiest days in 20 years) and my life has settled into more a routine, I look forward to hopping on my bike, exploring new areas and riding. I would like to get involved with a cycling group or just a group of friends who like to ride, too.

But, for now, on days when one can't ride, there are still ways to be active and enjoy the beauty of the Upstate. (photos to come later!)

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