Thursday, December 1, 2011

Biking in Clemson

Clemson University held a Student Meeting for their Bike Plan at the end of November. There were a small, but dedicated group that attended the meeting. The University is looking at connecting the Campus, Beach (once known as "Y Beach," now called "Campus Beach") and the North and South Forest by bike. Clemson University does not own all the land to connect these places by bike lane or path, but they're working on other ways to draw connections between these places that are inviting to people who ride bikes - recreational riders, families, hard core mountain bikers, road cyclists, etc. Their aim is to develop a network that will appeal to a variety of bike riders.

At the meeting, the University was looking for input on routes that cyclists use - around campus and in the Forest. There isn't much in the way of official bike paths, trails or lanes on campus (or in the Clemson area, for that matter), but a good way of developing a good network of paths is by talking to the users. There are many trails in the Forest, but there are user conflicts, unclear trail signage, etc. If you bike on campus or in the Forest, feel free to post a comment below about places you go, things you'd like to see improve or change and other ideas. 

It was also great to hear that the University and the City are talking about their bike plan together. The City is also working on a bike plan. They are just in the beginning phases, but after input after the public meeting on the update to the City's Recreational Master Plan, public interest in developing better bikeways in Clemson is clear.  The City and University will be working on a network of connected routes and destinations. The two entities are known for working together on other initiatives, programs and events. Great things in Clemson!

Clemson is a great college town, and having a network of bike paths would help to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors to the area! It would also be great if the bike routes connected to the larger apartment complexes. There are a high number of students biking from off-campus, and providing them a safe way of getting around would do a long way. Getting the cities of Central and Pendleton to join in or write their own bike plan would also be great. 

Keep up the great energy, interest and biking!


  1. Here's something that GaTech recently added to their bike network: or you can view the press release here:

    I know Clemson University rents bikes to students at very low rates ($10/month or $30/semester), but not many students know about it.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Yes, there are bikes to rent at CU, but all 50 rented out on the first day of the 2011 Fall Semester(!). Seems like demand is far beyond demand for Clemson. Good things to think about, including the need for better bike infrastructure.