Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Upstate News Update: Mid Summer 2014 Edition

Hi all. Happy Summer! I've been off enjoying some summer fun, and I hope you have, too. I took a jaunt to see my parents and brother over the 4th of July. A weekend at my parent's cottage in Northern Michigan on an inland lake was pure bliss! Here's a few photos from my time away.

Lakeside scene at the cottage. Pure Michigan!

Enjoying a little r and r on the water.

I had the latest copy of Momentum Magazine with me, the 'zine focused on sharing the style, simplicity, issues and every-day-ness of bicycle riding. My brother and his girlfriend paged through it for their beach reading. As more of the "Sport-O" biking types, they were intrigued and impressed with the magazine's message. As my brother's girlfriend put it, "Look, they feature real girls who bike. *Pointing at a healthy-looking, dress-wearing lady.* Look at those thighs!" 

Her comment made me smile. Yes, the time with "the fam" was great. It was also fun to share my love of bike riding as a way of life. My family knows I'm really into biking, and it was nice to see them "get it."

There have been a few bike-relate events and stories in the upstate recently. In case you have been busy riding or having some other kind of fun, here's a bit of a update.

In reaction to an interesting turn of events this spring where local upstate Rep. Wendy Nanney took a rather rash approach to addressing bicycle safety, several upstate groups have come together to get the word out. Local cycling groups, bicycle shops, media and the bicycle advocacy groups are getting the word out to new bicyclists about how to act, respond, have fun and be safe.

A new indoor cycling workout studio is set to open this month in Greenville. For those looking to get a workout in, beat the heat and humidity of the hot southern summers and leave squeaky clean (aka they have showers), consider checking it out.

The second bike repair station at Clemson University is up! The first one was installed last year near some residential halls, and this one is located behind the student center. The repair station is also located near some spiffy new racks. This means there's twice the access to tools and air (for tires) for the students on access. 

Bike Repair Station #2 at Clemson University

If there's any other news or events to be shared, let me know by posting it in the comments below.

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