Sunday, July 27, 2014

National Night Out

National Night Out was a tradition in my neighborhood as a kid. Growing up the family in the house next door would round up some goodies and invite the families in the neighborhood to have a night out. Neighbors would turn the porch lights on and trod on over to spend some time together. The parents would set up lawn chairs, sit around and talk. The kids would run around playing games, eat and drink all the snacks to our hearts delight and McGruff the Crime Dog would show up in a limo. Every year. This was the big time on our small cul-de-sac.

Maybe it was the extra time out in the evening with the neighbors. Maybe it was all the extra goodies. Or maybe it was because the Mayor's daughter lived next door, but McGruff always visited us and it was a great time. A summer highlight in my childhood memories

The City of Clemson will be celebrating their own National Night Out. Full of fun, community and highlighting safety, this year the event is on Tuesday, August 5th. The details of the event are still coming together, but there is rumored to be some kid-friendly bicycle events focused on teaching bicycle safety. Taking time to get together as a community is always important, and an event like this is a great timing in reminding kids about safety before the school year begins.

In my days, McGruff was more focused on crime-prevention, but these days he's even into promoting bike safety. I'm not sure if he'll make an appearance in Clemson, but there will be a lot of fun stuff going on. Consider coming out to the event in Clemson or joining a local National Night Out event nearby. A great family-friendly event, there's sure to be a good time for all.

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