Friday, July 18, 2014

Bike Spotting

I have to admit it. I need to come clean. I love bikes. Yea, you already probably knew that. But, I LOVE bikes.

I find bikes interesting. They have the potential to reveal so much about a person. A knobby-tired mountain bike with with suspension. A red and black road bike with skinny tires. An orange and purple fat tire bike with streamers. A grey hybrid with a coffee mug attachment.

Owning a bike can be a form of self expression. A bikes can be just as unique as the individual that rides it. There's something to learn about a person by the bike they ride:  what they love to do, how they like to get around and what's important to them.  The Minimalist. The Fashionista. The Racing Speedster. The Errand-Running Uptowner. The Splurging Young Professional. The Family Man. Every ride, like every person, is different.

 I love bikes, and sometimes I just catch myself staring. 

I'm not talking about staring at a "I'm-a-creeper" kind of way. (Because that would just be weird.) But it's more like admiring a fine piece of art, taking in all the style that can fit on two wheels. Bicycles are inspirational, fun and liberating, a lot like art. So, when I get a chance, I have taken a few pics of some of the more unique bikes I have seen.

There's been some pretty rad "bike spotting" I've seen in the Upstate and during my travels. The pics below are some of my faves.

Why not carry two bikes on the back of your motorcycle?
(Does that make it a TriCycle?) Greenville, SC.

First experience with pedicabs in San Diego, CA.

A colorful array of on-street bike parking with a
bike repair station. San Diego, CA.

Bike Share comes to downtown Greenville, SC.
Main Street station.

Individual style meets available parts meets recumbent ride.
Tybee Island, GA.

Coffee to go, please! Savannah, GA

What are some of the cooler bikes you've seen? Are you a fan of "bike spotting?" I'd love to hear your stories.

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