Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Upstate News Update during National Bike Month

Happy National Bike Month! Over the last several years (May 2011, May 2012, May 2013), I've written about the various activities and communities in the upstate involved in this national celebration. It's May, and that means it's the month dedicated to pedal-power, two-wheel activities. In the south, it's not yet uncomfortably hot and humid. In the north, spring is finally peeking through the ground, and in the northwest the rainy season has finished. No matter where you are in the country, it's a great month to get out and ride.

I recently went out for a ride, having a grand time biking through Pendleton, Clemson and in the Clemson Experimental Forest. I even managed to squeeze in a visit to a horse show and cooled my wheels in Lake Hartwell.

There has been some recent bicycle-related news going on in the upstate that I thought it was important to bring to y'all's attention (...pardon my grammar...). So, without further ado...

In Pickens and Easley, this blog has been following the development of the Doodle Trail Plan. Starting out as an idea in 2012, the final results of the feasibility study that examined local opportunities and challenges was recently revealed at a public meeting. Many folks in the community have been very excited about the idea of a bicycle and pedestrian path that would run between the two cities. Community conversations have taken place on a facebook page. A copy of the study can be found on the City of Easley's bicycle website.
In Greenville, there are a number of bicycle events happening throughout the City to celebrate National Bike Month. It's the one year anniversary of bike share in Greenville, and the City has announced that another bike share station will be going in at Cleveland Park near the Zoo this summer. If you haven't had a chance to take a ride, or aren't sure what bike share is, take the opportunity to educate yourself or take a bike for a spin soon. The City is also seeking funds to further the development of the Swamp Rabbit Trail, taking the trail out to Clemson University's ICAR campus. Improvements are happening off the (paved) road, too. A new trail at Paris Mountain State Park is slated to open soon (on May 10).

In Pendleton, there have also been some murmurings about the possibility of a bike plan or a feasibility study for a bike plan. With the development of a recent master plan for the Town Square through a grant from the Endowment of the National Arts, and some recent national attention, there could be great things happening in Pendleton in the near future.

As always, momentum continues to grow! So many great activities, plans and trails being blazed in communities across the upstate. Make sure you get out and enjoy these events during National Bike Month.

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