Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 2012 - National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month. It's all over the biking world, internet and Upstate. Spartanburg, Aiken, Greenville, Anderson, Rock Hill and others are hosting all kinds of biking-related events. Races, family-friendly events, breakfasts, Yoga w/ your bike. You name it, someone is doing it!

Bike Month is all about promoting biking as a way to have fun, get around and be a part of your life. May is a great time across the country - the weather isn't too hot or cold in most places, schools are still in session so students can participate and everyone isn't all amped up about vacations and summer events, so participation at the local level is typically pretty good.

In SC, the PCC is in the midst of their Safe Streets Save Lives campaign. It's an effort specifically to promote safer biking across the State. Follow the state bicycle-advocacy group to see how they are working to implement safer streets for all users.

Across the country, the League of American Bicyclist is promoting a National Bike Challenge this month. Participate by signing up and logging your miles. Join as a team, and see and support other riders across South Carolina - and the country.

Consider participating. Make a goal to ride once a week, whether it be for recreation or to get around. Think about revisiting the New Year's Resolution to "get fit," and log your miles to track the calories burned by joining the National Bike Challenge. Spend time with your friends, family or kids by getting on a bike. This month, whatever you do, consider doing it on a bike!

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