Monday, May 26, 2014

A Call to Action

I came across an interesting post recently that I wanted to share with you. Over the last several years on this blog, there have been posts about bicycle culture, advocacy and bringing better bicycle riding and facilities to your community. This is an important step in helping to make bicycle riding and all its benefits accessible to everyone - young or young at heart, novices, veterans, weekend warriors, grocery-getters, hipsters and everyone else.

This message is building, and it is resonating throughout the state. There is a call to create a better bicycle culture that is coming from within our state. And it's a pretty powerful message, one that's easy to get behind. Take some time in these last few days of National Bike Month to look it over, think about it and consider what you should do to join the effort. During your next group ride or social bike event, share what you've learned with others and bring this call to action forward in your community.

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