Saturday, April 12, 2014

Riding with Momentum

Nothing like Christmas in July....or April. Earlier this week another one of my Christmas presents finally came in the mail after much waiting:  Momentum Mag - Smart Living by Bike. I first came across this magazine at the 2012 APBP Conference in I attended in Charlotte, NC. And I was immediately hooked.

What kind of a biking mag is this?!?!

The magazine had articles on topics ranging from the latest gadgets/gear for your bike to how to change lanes to cargo bikes to fashion. (Yes, ladies and gents, fashions designed specifically for your casual riding comfort and pleasure.) I couldn't put it down because it was so good. I didn't want to race through it because then there would be no more to read. I was pulled in by the variety of articles aimed at the issues a variety of bicyclists face. This wasn't a bicycle magazine designed for just the gear-heads. It was unique in that it seemed to be developed for a broad audience, addressing real cycling issues for real people. Speaking of real people, the magazine is full of photographs of folks dressed in everyday clothes:  women in skirts and heels, men in dress pants, moms with their kids, families, weekend workout attire, too.

Check out their articles!

And I'd be lying if I didn't admit how much I enjoy perusing the ads. So many cool bikes. It's almost like there's a unique style of bicycle for everyone.

I'm looking forward to having more fun and diving a bit deeper into bicycle culture with this magazine. If you want to learn more about cycling, stay up on the latest trends and gear and read articles featuring the stories of real people who just happen to ride bikes, put this on your gift wish list. Or consider giving it to someone who's just beginning to get involved with bicycling. And, if nothing else, put their website on your weekly list of sites to check out. 

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