Thursday, April 3, 2014

Biking in the Spring

Hi all. Sorry it's been a while (3+ weeks...) since my last post. Life has gotten busy and time has gotten away from me. But, since that time, spring has finally sprung here in the Upstate! Flowers are blooming, trees are gaining their leaves and I've spied more folks out on their bikes. It's that time of year - time to bust out of the winter blues, brush off the two wheels and gather your friends and family for a fun ride.

Spring is also the season where writing about biking just makes sense. Everyone is itching to find any excuse to get outdoors. And just about everyone has a memories as a kid of tearing up the neighborhood on two wheels. Several kids in my neighborhood have recently gotten new bikes. It's fun to see (and hear) them race around. Two of the girls got the same bike. They look so cute, and they love riding around together. Several of the guys are getting in on the neighborhood-new-bike trend, too.

During my rides back and forth to work, I also take note of the other riders I see. There's a few new morning commuters. There are has also been a noticeable increase in those riding in the late afternoon/early evening on my back from work. I've seen several members of the Clemson University Cycling Club out in their spiffy purple and white uniforms. I've seen a few pairs of guys in the midst of their afternoon workout. The other day I spotted two girls riding fast, chatting and having a good time. Noticing each one gives me pause for a smile.

It's great to see folks out on their bikes:  commuters, teammates, workout buddies, the neighborhood gang. Everyone enjoying the good weather, getting their blood pumping and having fun. It's the perfect season for it. No time like the present.

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