Monday, October 22, 2012

Bicycle Friendly Across Borders

That was the theme of the two state Bike Summit in Augusta, GA this past weekend. And reach across borders it did. Folks from Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and other places gathered to discuss, listen and share in the excitement of the rise of biking in the Southeast.

Georgia-lina Bike Summit
The idea for Georgia Bikes! third summit naturally took form when the conference landed in a border city. And it really makes sense - when riding, rarely are border or boundaries recognized. Sometimes there's a change in the pavement, but otherwise most people on bikes don't know when they are entering or leaving one city to the next.

Topics covered included how the advocacy community can respond to tragedy when it strikes, mountain biking club meetings, learning more about bike share for the southeast, effective advocacy ideas, bike data collections, learning how to put on a bicycle ride or tour, how to be a Bicycle Friendly Community, a women's cycling forum, bikeway planning at universities and the Safe Routes to School program. Guest speakers from the East Coast Greenway and the Alliance for Biking and Walking also gave inspiring speeches.

There was a nice demographic representation, too. It was nice to hear stories from the young and the young at heart, city folks, country folks, mountain bikers, cyclists, guys, girls, planners, advocates, students, professionals - anyone and everyone that loves bikes!


  1. Sorry I didn't run into you there. Did you attend our Women's Cycling session?

  2. I did, but I was only there for the first session. I had to prepare for my own presentation that took place at the end of the day. I really enjoyed the part of the Women's Cycling Session. What brought you to the conference?