Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Simply By Bike

With Spring in the air, I think many may have biking on the mind. Nothing is as care-free, car-free and fun as bike riding. With that in mind, I wanted to circle back around to a cartoonist who shares her biking experience via Bikeyface. She's a gal who gets around simply by bike. Last spring I discovered her work, and thought that there were some good, funny and important stories to share.

So, after a few weeks of winter weather in the South, Spring is making an appearance. As we prepare, the following graphic is a good one to keep in mind, and share with your friends.

The Real World
Bike Party! By
Maybe it will help explain to someone why you do what you do. Maybe it will inspire you to try getting somewhere new by bike. Maybe it will get your friends to commit to a fun or heart-pumping ride once a week or month. This graphic excites me and challenges what my vision is for the communities of the Upstate:  living in a place where running errands, having fun and breaking a sweat are all possible by bike. What may not be a reality now can be a goal for the future.

Envisioning yourself on two wheels yet?

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