Monday, April 22, 2013

Bicycles & Comics

A fun, recent internet distraction of mine has been and it's corresponding flickr account. is a kind of comic strip about bike riding. Bike riding in the city, in traffic, interactions with pedestrians, motorists, racing, riding, etc. It's a fun, yet powerful comic. A picture, or illustration in this instance, is worth a thousand words in a blog post.

Ideas shared via illustrations. Credit:
I like the women's perspective in the comic, too. Sometimes it's more apparent than others. Even as assertive and outspoken as I am, I can still relate. (There's  nothing more intimidating than going into a bike shop where the guy mechanics start talking in a foreign language of parts and lingo! Brother, slow it down and back it up for a second!)

This is another way that the thoughts, ideas, infrastructure, community, issues, challenges, rewards and culture related to bicycles can be shared. The illustrator has brought to light interesting topics and perspectives to light over the course of developing this character and her adventures. How many of us like to share a link, photo or though via social media? How fast can one image or video go viral? How many of us can relate to an idea, an event and a perspective when information is conveyed like this? Information like this is quickly shared because it's powerful, simple and interesting.

Keep Calm and Commute On. Illustration:

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