Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Clemson Earth Dialogue

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a part-presentation, part-dialogue about the state of biking in the greater Clemson area as one of three panelists. I, along with the City of Clemson City Planner Jennifer Folz and representative from the Clemson University Student's for Environmental Action Lisa Watkins were invited to give an overview of the bike-related projects that we have been working on to make biking better, safer and more fun in the area.

Jennifer, Lisa and I listened, fielded questions and gave insights that stimulated the conversation for over an hour at the first meeting of the Clemson Earth Dialogue. The crowd was insightful and enthusiastic! Open to the public, the event is meant to create a place where folks can learn from local experts and have an open dialogue focused on a given topic. Last night the discussion was focused on the state of bicycle planning and projects in the area. Future events will cover topics like storm water, food-to-table movement, solar energy and other topics. It was exciting to take part in the inaugural event! It was also great to be a part of a panel of all women. As I've talked about before, women are an important part of the bicycling community, and have the potential to making a lasting impact.

Having the opportunity to chat, share, listen and exchange ideas is reinvigorating, and can give me a high that lasts for days afterwords. Working on a college campus I have had a several opportunities to present and talk with student groups and classes. Being able to  help folks, students or anyone understand why biking matters, and how it is positively influencing the community is an important part of creating a bike culture, especially in a place that's in the early years of change. It was great to take part in a community dialogue that brought  local leaders, entrepreneurs, students, faculty, researchers, teachers and community members together. Every discussion matters, and every question counts.

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