Monday, May 27, 2013

Palmetto Trail Master Plan

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a public meeting for the Palmetto Trail master plan development. The Palmetto Trail is the vision for a 425 mile hiking and biking trail "from the mountains to the sea" running across the heart of South Carolina.

Palmetto Trail (Spring 2013)

There are about 315 miles (to date) of established trail. A good portion of the trail in the southern half of the state is complete. Segments in the Upstate are underdeveloped and unconnected. The trail in the upstate, however, is needs to be further developed. The public meeting I attended last week was a chance for folks from Oconee, Pickens and Greenville counties to share their ideas and experiences for the largely undeveloped portion that will run through the northern parts of these counties. People representing a variety of organizations were there:  Upstate Forever, the Greenville News, Half Moon Outfitters, Upstate SORBA and many folks from the general public. Discussions took place with maps and markers, post-it notes and pens, listening and laughter. It was great to see people making time to take part in a project that will benefit them and other communities throughout the state. If you'd like to add your input, please consider contacting the project team.

Palmetto Trail plan development with input from the public.
National, regional and local organizations are pooling their resources and energy to get the completion of the statewide greenway off the ground. Spearheaded by the Palmetto Conservation Foundation, the effort is focused on expanding and completing the trail. This project will result in a master plan that will guide development and decision making for the trail's future. Designated as the state's only Millennium Legacy Trail, the trail is meant to capture the essence of the state's natural and cultural history, transportation system history and be a place where people can go to have fun.

The plan's development will take about a year, so there's certainly time for you to weigh in and make your ideas known! Another great trail developing for bike riding in the Upstate. Stay tuned to the project website to get the latest and follow the trail and master plan's development.

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