Friday, May 17, 2013

Biking at Clemson Updates

Happy Friday! (Or whatever the day of the week it is when you read this.) The ride in this morning was beautiful:  perfect weather on National Bike to Work Day. This is my favorite time of year to commute to work:  fewer folks on the road in my hometown, the air is cool and the morning sun is just right. Talking about biking (because that’s what this blog is about), there are a few updates about some biking-related news at Clemson University (because that’s where I work.)

Bicycle Friendly University award.  There has yet to be a formal announcement (update:  formally announced here!), but Clemson received recognition as being a Bicycle Friendly University at the Bronze Level in April. Clemson is 1 of only 58 institutions of higher education to earn such honors. With the adoption of the university bike plan last year followed by the installation of the first bike lane on campus since the mid-1990’s, the University is hard at work to improve facilities for those who cycle. There are quite a few projects that are planned for this summer to continue improvements following the recommendations of the plan. Keep an eye out on the campus for these improvements as the summer rolls on.

Bike Week.  In support of May being National Bike Month, Clemson University is also hosting its inaugural Bike Week. A series of events that are supported by the University Police Department, Campus Recreation and Parking & Transportation Services will be going on at the Big Red Barn Campus Beach (formally known as the “Y Beach”) all week long. Consider joining in on the fun, learning some good tips and meeting others who ride. The events include:
  • Tuesday, May 21 @ 5:30:  A bike repair workshop
  • Wednesday, May 22 @ 3:00:  A bike safety seminar 
  • Friday, May 24 all day:  Launching of the University Park + Bike pilot program
  • All week:  Participate in Bike Bingo to win prizes from the local bike shop Bike Street USA (formally Ride On Bicycles). Additionally, University students, staff and employees will receive a discount at Bike Street USA all week.

Clemson University Bike Bingo
Hope you join in the fun next week. Take part in whatever way you can! There have been some good things going on at Clemson University over the past year. With interest, momentum and a little bit of luck, things - like this - will continue to move biking forward at Clemson.

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