Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bicycle Birthday

I had a birthday earlier this spring. Friends and family got me (not all that surprisingly) a bushel of bicycle-related gifts. My peeps know my interest! I thought it might be fun to share some possible bicycle-related gifts that are out there for the giving.

I got bicycle stationary and a bicycle key chain from a friend in Madison. The stationary is very cute, a great bright blue and made sustainability by an international women's co-op. I'm old fashioned and still like to send kind notes and love via the post. I do have to say with this gift that this has gotta be at least a triple score on the environmentally/socially-just/home-made score card. The key chain is cute, too!

Inline image 3
Bike stationary & key chain.
My husband worked with an artist on Etsy to craft this one-of-a-kind bicycle journal. It's a leather-covered journal with a bicycle printed on the front cover. He says that he exchanged several emails with the artisan to create the unique gift. I'm a journal-er (since way back in the 2nd grade), and he knew that this was right up my alley! It's lovely, sturdy and will be used someday soon!

Inline image 1
Hand-crafted leather journal with bike stamp & button.
I also got a book called Women on Wheels which is available on Taking the Lane. The book is a cute, information/story-rich book filled with W.O.W (that's Woman on Wheels) stories, data and studies related to women cycling, tips on how to handle hair and the helmet, kids and cycling, etc. I really like this fun, inspirational read and have thought about getting it for other women who are into cycling. I am treating this book like fine chocolate, taking in the sections one at a time and reading them slooowly to savor.

It seems that these days bikes can be found just about anywhere on just about anything. Consider these or other fun gifts for an upcoming celebration. If you have any fun things to share, I would love to hear about them, too.

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