Monday, March 18, 2013

Attempt #2

At a recent social get together, a friend invited me to join her in training for a local ride upcoming in April. After a few questions, she was all excited and we were talking about bikes. Smiling face, hands a-flying, laughter. She talked about how this would be her first time back on bike in at least 10 years. And her bike of choice to train for this 25 mile ride:  a much-in-need-of-some-TLC mountain bike. I knew the kind. I was an owner of a 21 speed black and teal huffy mountain bike and rode it around much to my heart's content.

I found myself hesitating at the invitation at first, despite my goal of group riding for 2013. Her excitement was contagious. After a phone-call follow up, she had me convinced. I was ready to ride. The next morning we were scheduled to make a drive to join the rest of the group in Greenville to train. However, I got an early morning email - after I was up and dressed to go - letting me know she had to cancel due to an illness.

Like you need to do in life, I seized the moment and headed out on my own. I road along city streets and country roads, taking in new sights and visiting some new places. A chance to clear my mind and get away from the stress of the week. Bike rides, runs, long walks - these are all ways that individuals can de-stress and exercise. Creating places that folks can do these activities are an important part of building healthy communities.

Riding for two hours gave me an opportunity to enjoy a morning on the cusp of spring. Though, again, not quite making it to a group ride, I was happy and pleased with myself. I said yes to an opportunity extended to me by a female friend. Though things didn't go as planned, I was satisfied with the result. With two rides down, here's hoping the third time is the charm.

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