Thursday, March 14, 2013

Supporting State Advocacy Organizations

State advocacy organizations are an important part of the bicycle community chain. They do a lot of work on the behalf of all people who ride bikes:  weekend warriors, joyriders, commuters, young, old, mid-life, family, single. They are the grease on the bike chain that keeps things moving. Anyone who rides a bike could say thank you, raise a glass or offer support to these guys.

In South Carolina, the Palmetto Cycling Coalition is our state bike advocacy group. This is not the first time this organization has been mentioned on this blog. They review state polices and plans, work to implement real changes and guide the DOT, develop public safety campaigns, publish newsletters, host summits, support bicycle-friendly business development, sponsor conferences, developing an informed network of city leaders across the state  and lend support to local groups. They do a lot of work to make bike riding safer and better for you and your loved ones.

Why am I bringing attention to them? Because, without this group, there would be few bicycle rights, policies and plans. Located in Columbia, they are able to make the most of their location near state legislators and leaders. It's important to acknowledge, and financially support them. Joining the non-profit PCC is easy, and has a big bang for the buck:  they have little overhead, so support goes to causes. Memberships start at $35 for individuals ($15 for students!), and corporate memberships start at $100. Do your employees bike to work? Do you do work that enhances bicycle infrastructure? Perhaps your business should consider joining the PCC. If you sometimes drive and sometimes ride to work, commit to riding a majority of the time over the next 2 weeks, and support the PCC for the next year with the money saved.

The state non-profit bike advocate groups can do some amazing things for bicycle riders. Georgia Bikes! in Georgia has done some great programs and energized the state to take to the street by two wheels. In Wisconsin, the Bicycle Federation engages in bicycle planning, and has recently expanded from one office to two!

I'm advocating for the state's bike advocacy group because they are an important part of bicycle community chain. Please support their mission and become a member today!

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