Monday, March 16, 2015


It strikes me every so often, and, thankfully, this time, the warm temps and sunny skies are resuscitating me. My desire to bike has fallen flat. Or, really, my desire to commute by bike has fallen flat.

It seems to hit every winter. The blues of being cold, darker mornings and evenings and combined with nerves of steal I confess I need to endure my route. I usually spend some time of the year yearning for a better bike commuting situation.

I can't do much about the weather and season - spring always has a way of coming back and refreshing me. But there is something inside of me that yearns for a better bike facility between my work and my house. It's a practically a straight 5 mile shot. When it comes to distance and topography, there almost couldn't be a better biking situation. The road though, is another story. It's got a shoulder, and is labeled a "bike route," and that's it. I'd love a bike lane, and it's ripe for a cycle track. Commuting on a 4 lane, 40 mph state road is not my ideal biking environment.

I write this to let folks out there know that not every day for my is a "I love riding my bike!" day. Most days during the year I do love to ride, especially in early spring when the weather is breaking and spring is waking up the world.

But there are some days, some weeks, when I don't want to ride my bike...and I don't. I think it's a healthy thing to take a break. Because, after a period of time, I'm itching to get back on two wheels.

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