Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Local Event: Ride for Wellness

Come one, come all. This Saturday, June 14 there's an open call for a free bike ride event in the Upstate for those interested in riding. The event is sponsored by Excel Rehab and Chik-fil-A with details are located on the event's Facebook page.  The lowdown: its an 8 am start time in Seneca with a 25 mile and 62 mile ride option. Those that preregister get a water bottle and a free meal from Chik-fil-A. Who doesn't love that?

Why I think this ride matters:  Many of the barriers that can prevent folks from joining in on bike riding aren't present. There's not a cost, donation or entrance fee. It's not advertised as a race - it's called the Ride for Wellness. It's not a fundraiser, which can be a great way to raise funds for organizations in need, but this ride won't be one that affects the wallets of co-workers, family or friends. It's a great event to get some event/group riding experience.

Maps will be provided, along with food and drink. And, as a bonus, there will be free physical therapy screenings before and after the ride. It sounds like a great time! No excuses. Do a quick tune-up on your bike tomorrow evening, register Friday morning and go out for a ride on Saturday. Join fellow local Upstate riders in a great event!

In other news, my previous post on biking at college campuses and college towns got featured by Streetsblog! It's a national blog on sustainable transportation and livable communities. Articles generally focus on urban topics, especially in places like Chicago, New York City, San Fransisco and Portland. I was pretty psyched, and traffic picked up significantly for the last few days. It's great that folks on the interwebs stay tuned to what's going on in the upstate of South Carolina. Thanks, guys!

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