Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BITU Joins Twitter

After three plus years of blogging, Biking in the Upstate has joined Twitter! I'm excited to announce that there will be more opportunities to share, learn, converse and discuss bicycle-related issues that are relevant to the Upstate. Follow me @bikingntheupstate or search for BikingintheUpstateSC. There also may be other ways to search or find me, but I'm still getting the hang of it. I look forward to conversing with you, and throw any Twitter tips my way! Make sure you say hi in the Twittersphere.

I'm embarking on a new journey, much like bike riding, by expanding the reach of this blog. Learning as a I go, there's an expanded community to join and build. Momentum for biking in the Upstate, South Carolina, in the Southeast and across the country is growing! By joining Twitter, I'm looking forward to continue documenting the progress and propelling the future of biking in South Carolina forward. Looking forward to your tweets!

And, in other news...two weekends ago I participated in the local Ride for Wellness. This was my very first cycling event, and it did not disappoint! There were lots of seasoned cyclists there...but there was also a crowd that was a bit more my speed. With a steel bike and pedals with cages, I did well. It wasn't a race, but rather a time to go out for a ride over the back roads of Oconee County. There were peaks of the Blue Ridge, wide open fields and glorious downhill (and uphill) spans. It made for a great first-time event!

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