Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cycling Retreat in South Carolina

The New York Times recently reported on a unique, Upstate bicycling-focused training, hotel and get-a-way that can be had right in our back yard. In Traveler's Rest, South Carolina, about 30 minutes north of downtown Greenville, Hotel Domestique is offering a cycling-centric experience unlike anything else offered elsewhere. Folks can come, relax and schedule a ride alongside local cycling champ George Hincapie. (What!?!)

In a previous post, I wrote about the businesses that are popping up near or because of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. And though you can't quite get to the hotel taking the trail, this retreated has decidedly taken a step to address a niche market by taking advantage of the bicycle-friendly opportunities in the area - for the serious, recreation, road and mountain bike rider. This hotel will likely attract visitors from across the southeast and the country. The area around "TR," as its known to the locals, is beautiful, scenic and close enough to Greenville to have all the advantages of a city without any of the hassle. (Can we say "Hello Greenville-Spartanburg Airport connect?")

It's great to see a local business get some national press, and even better when it promotes the bicycle-friendliness of the region.

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  1. Hello,
    This is great stuff! I love reading these stories. Especially in places I'm about to visit! =) I will be in Greenville for a cartographic conference next week and have squeezed in a talk about bicycle travel on Monday evening. In prepping for it I remembered your blog and wanted to extend an invitation. Here are the particulars:

    Please introduce yourself if you make it.
    .Jennifer Milyko.
    Senior Cartographer
    Adventure Cycling Association