Thursday, June 20, 2013

When I ride a bike...

....I am having fun.

...I am doing my part to be a bit gentler on the environment.

...I am making it easier for you to drive to work. One less car on the road contributes to keeping the traffic down. If everyone who could rode their bike one or two days a week, just imagine the impact.

...I am taking up one less parking space at work, making way for someone who is unable to ride. (I work for an employer that has a limited number of parking spaces on their campus. Every parking space is accounted for, costs approximately $3,000 dollars to build/maintain and is strictly enforced by a permitting/ticketing program.)

...I am making a personal choice to take part in living a healthy lifestyle. Riding my bike 25 minutes twice a day helps to keep my heart happy, my blood pressure down, my muscles moving and my mind at ease.

...I have a reason to be okay with eating that donut, banana bread muffin or cookie that a co-worker brought in to celebrate. (As a former collegiate athlete with a sweet-tooth, I appreciate the ability to enjoy the "sweet things" in life without having to count every calorie.)

...I am part of a larger (national and international) community of bike riders who have a strong sense of connection, camaraderie and empowerment.

...I am doing something positive, active and engaging that contributes to a larger positive impact on my community.

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