Saturday, June 15, 2013

Upstate News Update

Every so often I take some time on this blog to report local bicycle-related news. It's important to follow developing stories to help folks understand what's going on in their communities and to know of potential new places to ride. The last time we checked in with what's going on in the Upstate, the City of Rock Hill had just been designated a Bicycle Friendly City, Greenville's Bicycle Share program had just been announced, the PELCOR initiative between the cities of Pickens, Easley and Liberty continued to move forward and reviewing the potential for the development of a trail along the local abandoned Doodle Line railway was underway. Here's been an update on a few things since then:

Doodle Line Trail. Earlier this week it was announced that the cities of Easley and Pickens both approved the purchase of the all-but-abandoned railroad line. The purchase been followed closely in the local news. Some folks have come out in opposition, but a majority of the public sees the development of the trail between the two communities to be boon for recreation activities, health and wellness and community and economic development. Many people see it as an opportunity to create a local version of the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Easley Bike Plan:  Bushy Creek Greenway. The City of Easley continues to implement pieces of their 2010 Bike Master Plan. The City is moving forward with the development of the first phase of the Bushy Creek Greenway, a trail that will connect downtown with the J.B. "Red" Owen Recreation Complex. Folks will be invited to walk, run or bike on the local trail. Over time and as finances come available, pieces of the plan will be developed.

Greenville Bike Share.  The Greenville B-cycle bike sharing program is up and running! If you are headed to downtown for a night out on the town, errand running or holiday touring, be sure to check out the area on one of these bikes. It's a new, fun way to get around downtown. In other related news, the Greenville News did an article highlighting a few folks who bike to work. It was a nice piece that showed how regular folks ride their bike to get around.

Clemson University Bike Friendly University. Clemson University was designated the award of being a Bicycle Friendly University at the Bronze Level. Less than a year after the Master Bike Plan was adopted, Clemson joined only 57 other Universities to earn the award (at any level). As Clemson joins USC, it's great to see the state's leading institutions of higher education take charge in leading the way to creating bicycle-friendly places in the state and in the southeast.

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