Thursday, October 11, 2012

(A sample of) Bikeways in Greenville

A while back, I had the opportunity to visit some of the bikeways in Greenville. Greenville has bike lanes, shared roadways and paths that are built for cyclists to use.

Heritage Historic District. Greenville, SC.
The narrowed road and "sharrow" treatment provide an entry point feeling into this residential area just a few minutes from downtown. The streets speed limit is slow and there's light residential traffic, so having a shared roadway makes sense here. What a great addition to the Heritage Historic District neighborhood.

Bike lane to shared roadway. Greenville, SC
Near Main Street off of downtown, on North Spring Street there's a creative example of retrofitting the existing road to accommodate bikes. The road was wide enough to accommodate a bike lane - until near the intersection. Watch this short video to see how traffic reacts.

The idea is that neither a biker nor a car has the right of way. As the sign state, "Share the Road." This kind of development is intended to build awareness, slow down traffic and let folks know that bikes are allowed to be here. I like the take on the share the road sign that's found near the intersection. It would be interesting to watch how a car and bike interact when approaching this intersection.

What a view! Greenville, SC
Looking north on North Main Street, bike lanes have transformed the street! Bike lanes can be seen on either side of the road. Street parking was retained, a middle turn lanes allows for traffic flow and folks who want to get around by bike have a way to do so. This road is particularly compelling because it comes into view over the crest of a hill.

Greenville's has done a good job of implementing the network of bikeways proposed in their master plan for cyclists of all types to use. Keep up the good work leading the Upstate.

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