Saturday, July 14, 2012

Q: What is that white stripe on McMillan Road at Clemson University?

A:  A bike lane.

Bike lane on McMillan Road
The first bike lane since the mid-1990's has made it's debut on Clemson's campus, in time for the new school year. I'll follow up with how I know what this is in a later post, but after I spotted it on the evening of Friday, July 13th, I was elated.

The bike lane on McMillan Road is not (yet) completed. The bike lane pavement markings and signs have yet to be installed, it's only along portion of the road and to most people it'll appear to be a bike lane to no where - but it'll come together soon.

Clemson University adopted it's first Bikeways Master Plan in June 2012. The plan is scheduled to be available on-line later this summer. The plan outlines the University's bikeways network that will be developed over time.

It takes time for a bikeway network to come together. At first, bike lanes, shared roadway and paths can appear disconnected and disjointed. But pieces of the system are typically installed over years, taking advantage of scheduled resurfacing (repaving), grants and other roadway or transportation enhancement projects. This is a good way for communities to keep the cost of developing bikeways down - everyone likes their tax dollars used in an efficient manner. If you're every curious about the progress or plans of bikeways in your community, surf the web or contact your local planning department for the bike or transportation master plan. This will understand where you community is with bike planning - and may give you an opportunity to become a local champion for bikeways.

If you're coming to Clemson in the fall or live in the community, check it out and spread the word:  biking is alive and well at CU.


  1. Thanks for spreading the word! I'll actually be biking this this morning from campus to my church (Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson) on Pendleton Road, a route I take at least once a week. I was wondering what was to come from the recent road closure. I look forward to seeing more changes on and around campus.


  2. As always, thanks for your support!