Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Biking as a Way of Life :: Then and Now

I love listening to the stories about Greenville coming into its own with bikes. Gettin' around. Racing with the pros. Promoting family bike rides. Pedal chic or Carolina Triathlon. The City has come a long ways in a short time - and its pulling the rest of the Upstate with it.

This past weekend, there was a great article in the Greenville News about bike culture - and we're not talking about the spandex, hipster or commuting crowd. No, this was a reflection on a neighborhood and a way of life that shaped boyhood memories and local teenage sport stars. Apparently areas near Greenville had a bike culture - courteous motorist, law-abiding riders and friends who bonded by way of the bike - before it became the hip, green lifestyle it is today.

People used a bike to get around because that's what was the most available to them. There was also some mention about that bit of southern charm that's shown by way of respect and a slower pace of life fit nicely as people took to two wheels. It appeared to be a natural extension of life - and getting around - for many in a bygone era. You didn't respect the bike because it was a law. You respected it because that was your neighbor. Seems we could also take a lesson from this.

And really, with some of those seemingly top-down bigger policies and programs, that's what we're trying to get back to:  not a nostalgic way of living, but making room, slowing down life and enjoying what's around us.

Here's a tip of the hat to Greenville News, reminding us that getting around on a bike isn't anything new, and people have been doing it for generations.


  1. Definitely bike is my way of life. Greenville News described really well! Thank you for sharing with us parts of this very interesting article!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Charlie!