Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Few More Reasons to Bike

Recently I've had a few more experiences that have shown why biking is good to do - in some unexpected ways. 

Riding home last week, I saw a football fly out into traffic on Hwy 93 about 20 yards ahead of me. I noticed 3 kids looking from atop a hill, down at the football in traffic. The kids were looking anxious and I could tell that they were considering the possibility of getting that football. They were about 7 or 8 years old.

Instead, I hopped off my bike, grabbed the football in an opportune on-coming-traffic-free moment and hoisted the ball up to some grateful kids. I'd hate to consider what the alternative may have been.

The previous week, I came upon a robin who was still very much alive. He had gotten caught in traffic at an intersection. You could tell he was freaking out - he was trying to hunker down as cars passed over him during the morning commute. Waiting for the light to turn green, I reached down to persuade him out of his panicked daze, and he flew off. It was a cool moment, and I was happy to have him go on with his day.

Maybe not quite the answers you were expecting? That's okay. There are many. There are always a few more reasons why biking matters.

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