Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Carmageddon: Bike beats Plane

"Carmageddon" took place in LA this weekend.  A major highway arterial was shut down to all traffic. Jet Blue offered flights for $4, all taxes and fees included, to go the 40 miles from one LA airport to the other - all as a means of getting around a major city while a highway was shut down for a few days. A few folks who were getting sick of all the media-hype hoopla decided enough was enough:  the cycling group Wolfpack Hustle challenged Jet Blue to a friendly but fierce Bike versus Plane race!

So, here's what happened:  The cycling group challenged Jet Blue. Jet Blue officially said "no thanks" but made room for a couple that bought the $4 ticket to go from one end of LA to the other. The cyclists and the airplane riders left the same place at the same time Saturday morning to see who would reach a park nearby the airport first. Though done in good fun, the cyclists were out to prove that riding a plane 'cross town was a bit of an overkill. There were two other racers, someone who took mass transit and an inline skater (rollerblades) who also volunteered to race. Here's how they finished

  1. The Cyclists
  2. Mass Transit Rider
  3. The Inline Skater
  4. The Airplane Rider
All the folks involved had a great time, followed all the traffic laws and it provided some great PR for cyclists. Make sure to check out the links to see some cool photos and footage of the race!


  1. Thanks for mentioning this! I didn't know about it, even though I was visiting San Deigo this past weekend. The Wolfpack Hustle videos made me wonder, Have you heard about any critical mass rides in the Upstate? I found a facebook group with a few members that did some in Clemson earlier this year. I'm excited to try and get it going again!

  2. Check out critical mass rides that happen in Greenville and in Anderson. You can check out the cyberspinners website to see scheduled posted rides in the area. Happy Trails!