Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Local Projects Continue to Drive Regional Momentum

There has been a few things going on in the world of biking in the area.

In May, The Greenville News reported that folks in Easley were considering putting a shared-use path on Couch Lane. (See the letter "A" in the photo below to see where Couch Lane is as compared to Highway 123.)


The street is highlighted as a high-priority area in the recently completed Bicycle and Pedestrian Master plan. It's also a high traffic area, and the community is really excited about the development this path. It's great to see plans in Easley moving forward. (To read more about this project, you can either subscribe to The Greenville News online or search for it in your search engine, and click on the link to circumvent paying for access to the news site.) If there has been an update, feel free to post it in the comments.

There has been a lot about biking in the news in the City of Greenville. One of my favorite biking blogs, bikegreenville.blogspot.com, has been doing a great job covering the local action in Greenville. The author has a nice post on City Council Candidates on Bike Lane Funding. There is also a post about some work that the DOT is scheduled to do on Pelham and Roper Mountain Roads. There is a lot of good information on the projects, why they are relevant to the biking community in the region and the plans that have listed these projects as priority areas. Please read this post, and consider subscribing (or frequenting) the Bike Greenville blog.

Anderson also continues to push forward with implementing their Trails and Greenway Master Plan. They have recently put in a few bike lanes. Look for more from them in the future.

Clemson University has also started to do some bikeway planning. The project has just started, but there will hopefully be some great things in the future.

If there's anything else going on that's been missed, please post an update below.

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