Friday, April 22, 2011

Riding Groups in the Upstate

Hi All! Looking for a group to ride with or a listing of rides in the Upstate area? A friend of mine a while back got me in touch with a group called CyberSpinners (Thanks Ted!). They are a group of riders that get together on occasion. Their website is a great resource for local, race and reoccurring rides in the area. Rides they list can be anything from a leisure ride around the country to big time races across the state. There are rides that occur every Saturday, Thursday and Sunday in the upstate, in addition to many others. (Image from Cyberspinner's web page.)

 As a newcomer to the area, I thought this was a great online database, and at least a good way to plug into the bike network. You can also subscribe to their listserve by following instructions on the website. In addition to a weekly email updated with rides, they also provide very occasional information on other biking related events. The group is easy on the email inbox, so I'd recommend signing up!

Another group that has just recently formed in Melo Velo Cycling Club. The club will be a USA Cycling sanctioned club and open to anyone - from the novice to the speedy racer. They'll have an active facebook page (posted here when available) where folks can learn about local rides, community events and the jersey design. The organizers of the new club also wanted to invite all cyclists in the area to collaborate to promote cycling and safety to the community. If you'd like to learn more, please leave me a comment below and I can get you hooked up with more information.

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