Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vote Yes on November 4 to Support Biking & Walking in Greenville County

If you feel like the roads in your local community have been deteriorating over the last several years, you’re not alone. Roads, bridges, sidewalks and trails across the state are in desperate need of repair and improvement.  On November 4th, folks in Greenville County will have an opportunity to vote for improving the conditions of these kind of facilities.

A referendum to increase the Greenville County sales tax by a penny for about 8 years will be up for a vote on November 4. Local voters have an amazing opportunity to directly support the addition of 69 miles of sidewalks and trails. Through this proposal, bike lane total mileage would increase from 18.5 miles to 23 miles. The referendum would also support bringing the Swamp Rabbit Trail out to Simpsonville and Clemson University’s ICAR campus. The total investment in bicycle and pedestrian facilities would be $48M. The referendum in full text can be found here.

Momentum has been building across the county since this spring. The Greenville County Council voted in favor of the idea back in May, allowing the citizens of Greenville County to voice their opinion on the matter. Local media has come out in support of the measure. The need for such a measure comes from the lack of a long-term, dedicated, stable funding source from the state government. South Carolina roads are in terrible condition.  Mind-blowing statistics reveal how much we are hurting. And highlighting this need is has been the story for several years

Bike Walk Greenville has led a campaign to raise awareness about the way the referendum will positively affect bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Through their twitter account, the organization has shared the fifty four future Safe Routes to School projects that are included in the county’s sales tax referendum. Safe Route to School is a national program that creates better, safer ways that children can walk or bike to school. The program has helped improve facilities in Greenville County and in other places across the state.  Each tweet contains a short list of important information and a picture about proposed improvement to the school route. If you're interested in learning more about their efforts or want to help spread the word, consider attending their next meeting on Wednesday, October 8.

Support the increase in sales tax by a penny in the November 4 election if you are in Greenville County. Better yet, get out and vote to mark that support.

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