Thursday, August 29, 2013

USDOT Strategic Plan Update

Every once in a while the Fed's take out the ol' USDOT (that's the United States Department of Transportation) Strategic Plan, blow off the dust and work on updating the nation's transportation policy and plans. It can sound kinda boring and wonky. I get it. However, they are asking for your input. Yes you, reading the blog from your big comfy couch, on the desktop at the office or at a coffee shop.

You don't have to be a bike lover or a bike rider. Maybe you get around by bus or car. And we all walk somewhere, whether it's from the parking lot to the store or from our house to work. We all move around our communities in various ways on a daily basis.

The 2012 - 2016 plan was called Transportation for a New Generation. Pretty exciting stuff for a national policy. The 2014 - 2018 Strategic Plan is in draft form, and has yet to be named. Can you feel the anticipation?

Screen capture of the DOT Strategic Plan Online Dialogue website
USDOT wants YOU to particate.

Joking aside, take some time to review, ponder and share your input. Sometimes being hundreds of miles away from the nation's capital, it can be easy to forget or be uninvolved with the shaping of a nation. However, here's a chance to make an impact. Last Thanksgiving SCDOT started to update our state Multimodal Transportation Plan. I encouraged folks to get involved and stay connected to things happening at the state level. As SCDOT shapes what happens in your local community (Clemson, Seneca, Anderson, Easley), USDOT shapes the programs and funding available to the state level DOTs. Here's another opportunity to have a stake in the game and make your opinions, daily habits and ideas about what kind of roads, bike lanes, sidewalks and other facilities the nation should invest in. 

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