Tuesday, November 15, 2011

University Campuses (Repost)

In September 2011, Mia Birk came to South Carolina. I mentioned it here. She's done a lot for biking. Here's a link to her TEDx talk about her "joyride." Her most recent blog post (on her blog) is one worth reading. She talks about the value of College Campuses related to biking. The points are valuable, especially in the Upstate. Clemson University, Furman University, Wofford College, Anderson University, Southern Wesleyan University and a slew of other higher education campuses call this region home and could have a powerful influence on biking.

Some of Mia's Ideas:

  • Have a good Bike Plan
  • Hire dedicated staff to address transportation (bike) issues
  • Develop a joint bike advisory committee between the university and college town.
  • Educate students in orientation material - before they get to campus.
  • Consider changing parking policy and costs.

Wouldn't it be powerful if the University's lead the way, engaging students to consider how biking can play a role in their recreation and transportation lifestyles? Not everyone can afford a car - and not everyone can live without one.

Read Mia Birk's blog post. There are powerful ideas that come from years of experience. Shaping them to fit the needs and culture of the Upstate is something to consider!

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