Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update on Federal Funding

Earlier this summer, the Fed's put bike funding on the cutting block. Folks involved with bicycling across the country responded, contacting their state Representatives and Senators, asking them to take a stand against the cuts. With so many communities recognizing the importance of having bike amenities like bike lanes, paths, facilities, policies and programs as a means of promoting health and wellness, recreation, transportation options and environmental sustainability, a cut to federal funding seemed like a major blow.

A little while ago, People for Bikes reported that Congress decided to rethink that idea, and put cutting bike funding on the back burner. (Victory!!!!....for now...) Even though the initial push to "save" bike funding worked, the multi-year transportation bill won't be voted on until September - or later. Bike funding, as well as funding for other transportation-related projects, is still on uncertain grounds.

Staying in contact with your local congressperson, as well as staying tuned to organizations like ABPB, League of American Bicyclists and People fof Bikes will enable you, as part of the bike community, to voice your opinion and keep track of what's going on.

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